Aside: Thursday 27 December 2012


BUSINESS INSIDER: The latest trailer for ‘The Great Gatsby’ will make you wish it wasn’t pushed back until next year

The second trailer for Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby” has been released and it’s arguably better than the first.   Although it still opens to Kanye West and Jay-Z’s “No Church in the Wild” – which may seem a little silly; however, for a Luhrmann film, it works.  The trailer is partly reminiscent of Luhrmann’s “Moulin Rouge” and we (at The Wire/Business Insider) have no qualms with that.        

The film, which was originally set for a Christmas release, was pushed back to a May 2013 release after Warner Bros. said it felt the film would perform better in the summer. The other, more logical reason to move the film back is so it wouldn’t directly compete with both “Les Misérables” and DiCaprio’s other movie, “Django Unchained,” the same day.

 AD AGE: The trend few are discussing: brands as media companies

Few have commented publicly on an exciting trend in digital advertising: Brands as media companies. Large consumer brands are repackaging their online audiences and their onsite browsing behavior to power third-party advertisers’ display ads. This trend gained huge momentum among retailers when Amazon quietly entered the category, creating its own advertising network.  Some of the biggest brands are transforming their assets into these new advertising opportunities, and, in many cases, ad revenue. The most obvious and immediate interest comes from endemic advertisers. These are companies with an existing symbiotic business relationship with the manufacturer, that is, the retailers.  ttp://

ALL THINGS D: Google nabs key partner’s top marketer: Samsung exec Brian Wallace goes to Motorola

Samsung has done a very good job selling its brand of Google’s Android phones. And apparently Google has paid attention: It is bringing over the guy who headed up Samsung’s marketing to do the same job at its Motorola unit.  Google has hired Brian Wallace, the vice president of strategic marketing at Samsung’s U.S. phone unit, to fill a similar post at Motorola, according to people familiar with the move.  p://

 BANKRATE: Six times it pays to wait till the last minute

A better deal if you buy early?  Type-A consumers are apt to book hotel accommodations months in advance or make sure they’re first in line to buy concert tickets. Does this ensure they’re getting the best possible price? Not necessarily.

“People often think (they) get the better deal if they buy early,” says Teresa Mears, editor-in-chief of the Living on the Cheap blog network. “Sometimes you do, and sometimes you don’t.”  Putting off a purchase can add an element of risk – for instance, that hotel could fill up, or the concert could sell out – but in some cases, it might lead to bigger savings than buying right away. Here’s a look at several areas where procrastination can actually pay off.


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