Thursday, 31 January, 2013


CAMPAIGN LONDON: Taco Bell unveils first Super Bowl ad since 2010

Taco Bell has launched its first Super Bowl ad in three years, which features elderly friends escaping from their retirement home to go clubbing, get a tattoo and break into a swimming pool before heading to one of the brand’s Mexican fast food restaurants for something to eat.

MEMEBURN:  Our behaviour is changing our content marketing; here’s how

Traditional media outlets such as television, radio and websites no longer retain a monopoly on how people consume content. New channels such as blogs, online forums, social networks and video continue to rise in popularity among today`s consumers. Combined with continued advances in technology, retailers and brands now have the opportunity to connect with consumers across all of these channels to increase engagement and brand affinity. To do this effectively brands and retailers need to gain a better understanding of how we consume both new and traditional media in order to blend these efforts.

THE WIRE (BUSINESS INSIDER): Netflix explains why it’s releasing all 14 new episodes of ‘Arrested Development’ at once

“It’s the future of television…”


Tuesday, 29 January 2013


CAMPAIGN UK: Diet Coke unveils 30th anniversary ‘hunk’ ad

Agency BETC London has reintroduced the Coke hunk in a 60-second spot called “the gardener”, which uses the Etta James track ‘I Just Want To Make Love To You’ from the famous Diet Coke “hunk” spot from 1996. The ad features a group of female Diet Coke drinkers on a hill. The women spot the “hunk” mowing the grass and one of them rolls a can of the drink towards him as part of a plan to induce him to remove his t-shirt. BETC London was appointed to the £40m ($60.5m) pan-European Diet Coke creative account last August.

OPEN FORUM: How GUESS? turned its business around with iPads

Just two years ago, clothing retailer Guess? had some serious merchandising issues.  Buyers were working off a system where merchandise was represented by a long number, and it was hard to tell the items apart. Then the retailer decided to invest in iPads and saw huge changes. For the first time, executives could easily determine what was selling where and make merchandising decisions based on real-time data.

ADVERTISING AGE: Droga5 is number 5 on Ad Age’s Agency A-List

The indie shop founded and helmed by Australian David Droga, continues to make its mark with some of the most cutting-edge creative in the business, while adding big-name brands to its roster.

MEMEBURN: Social media: why are so many big business leaders still holding back?

We know that social media is seriously important to every business, no matter what the size. The days when companies would block social media access, calling it a productivity killer, are fast disappearing.  It’s easy to believe that studies like the one by research company Millward-Brown, which showed that there was a direct correlation between how successful a company is and how well it uses social media, and the one from eMarketer that suggests that brands can profit dramatically from a well-executed social campaign, are becoming accepted wisdom.

Monday 28 January, 2013


AD AGE: Feeding the mouth that bites it, General Electric salutes 30 Rock in ads

USA – Over the course of seven seasons, NBC’s “30 Rock” has poked fun at the venerable U.S. conglomerate, GE, satirizing everything from the disposition of its executives to the problem of succession at one of America’s most-influential corporations. And GE, apparently, has loved it. As the show neared its series finale – set to air in a double episode on NBC on Jan. 31 – General Electric saw the moment as one worth seizing. Under a deal secured around the end of 2012, G.E. is running a TV ad saluting the program in its last few weeks and then curating the company’s “favorite moments” online at NBC’s “30 Rock” site through the end of February.

CAMPAIGN UK: McDonald’s runs ad to knock rival Burger King

LONDON – McDonald’s ran press ads on Friday aimed squarely at attacking its rival Burger King, which has been caught up in the horsemeat scandal.  Burger King has been forced to dump thousands of its products, including Whoppers and Angus Burgers, which were sourced from the Irish beef supplier Silvercrest, where horsemeat DNA was found.  The print ad, created by Leo Burnett, ran in the Metro, The Sun, the Mirro and the Daily Star and proclaims that its burgers are “100 per cent beef”.

MEMEBURN: Tencent’s WeChat looking to enter South African market with a bang

Chinese internet giant Tencent is looking to take its massively successful instant messaging service WeChat to South Africa, where it will take on the likes of Mxit, Africa’s largest mobile social network.  WeChat has seen phenomenal growth in recent times. Last week, Tencent revealed that the company has passed the 300-million user mark, with the last 100-million having joined in the past three months. Much of that growth has been outside of China, with the service finding particular favour in other Asian markets.

BUSINESS INSIDER: JJ Abrams IS directing the new ‘Star Wars’, after saying he wouldn’t

The search for a “Star Wars” director is over!  “Star Trek” director J.J. Abrams will also take the reigns on the new “Star Wars” film.  After telling Entertainment Weekly in November he wouldn’t helm the next installment from Disney, The Wrap reports Abrams will indeed take us once again to (another) galaxy far far away.  Abrams also told Empire magazine he turned down the idea.

Friday 25 January 2013


BUSINESS INSIDER:  Jessica Chastain ‘Mama’ Terminates Arnold’s ‘Last Stand’ at the US box office

Jessica Chastain conquered both the horror and drama genres in one box-office weekend.  Nominated for a Best Actress Oscar in Osama Bin Laden flick, “Zero Dark Thirty,” Chastain also appeared nearly unrecognizable in Guillermo del Toro’s latest horror film “Mama” with a short black bob.  Both films stole the box office weekend away from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s newest film “The Last Stand” which ended up becoming Schwarzenegger’s lowest opening at theaters since “Junior” released in 1994.

 MEDIA WEEK: Google hits record revenues of $50bn ($47.6bn) as UK business expands

Google revenues in the UK climbed to $1.30bn ($1.23bn) in the fourth quarter, helping the company achieve record yearly revenues of $50bn ($47.6bn).  UK revenues for the quarter ending 31 December 2012 climbed from $1.23bn in the previous quarter on the back of a stabilisation of its cost-per-click revenues. On a year-on-year basis UK revenues increased by an impressive 23 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2012, rising from $1.06bn ($1bn) in the final three months of 2011 to $1.30bn ($1.23bn) in the same period of 2012.

AD WEEK: Why Hyundai keeps coming back to Super Bowl advertising

Why this challenger brand keeps coming back.  Hyundai is a true believer in the Super Bowl, having been on the last five games. This year, the brand returns with two comical 30-second ads from Innocean USA that will air in the first and second quarters. Steve Shannon, vp of marketing for Hyundai Motor America, explains why the most watched program on television has become integral to the automaker’s annual marketing plan.

MEMEBURN: Chinese government wants five more Lenovos by 2015

There’s no doubting that Lenovo is one of the Chinese tech scene’s greatest success stories. The electronics manufacturer is growing fast is set to overtake HP and become the world’s top PC manufacturer fairly soon. Small wonder then that the Chinese government wants another five companies just like it.



Wednesday 23 January 2013


CAMPAIGN ASIA: Asians most reluctant to try out new brands: Nielsen

ASIA-PACIFIC – Consumers in Asia-Pacific are among the world’s most reluctant to switch to new brands, with only 44 per cent willing to experiment with alternatives, according to Nielsen.  The figure contrasts with with 57 per cent of consumers in North America, the Middle East and Pakistan who are willing to try out new brands, 56 per cent in Europe and 47 per cent in Latin America.,asians-most-reluctant-to-try-out-new-brands-nielsen.aspx?eid=21&edate=20130122&utm_source=20130122&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=daily_newsletter

MEDIA WEEK: The Sun newspaper pays drivers’ M6 tolls to cheer them up on ‘Blue Monday’

LONDON – The Sun Newspaper’s Smile Squad, along with a couple of Page Three girls, took on the snow and manned four lanes of the motorway on Monday.

A 2005 study found that many people in the UK think the third Monday in January is the worst day of the year, due to a combination of weather, debt, time since Christmas and failed New Year’s resolutions. However, some scientists remain unconvinced about the reality of Blue Monday.

THE INQUISITOR:  New Las Vegas ads poke fun at straight peoples’ sense of style while showing stylish gay couples. Allegedly.

New Las Vegas ads supposedly target gay people while poking fun at straight people. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority’s marketing division launched a new campaign. The promotion reportedly shows good-looking same-sex couples and “frumpy” heterosexual pairs.

MEMEBURN: Bieber takes Twitter crown from Gaga

Beliebers of the world rejoice, your idol is now the most followed account on Twitter. The Canadian pop sensation has overtaken Lady Gaga to lay claim to the social networking crown. Bieber now has 33,339,968 followers while Mother Monster has 33,333,379.  Gaga has topped the Twitter account charts since 2010 and was the first to go past 10, 20 and 30-million followers.

Tuesday 22 January 2013


BUSINESS INSIDER: The bizarre world of vintage cigarette, weight gain, army and gun ads

USA – It is an extreme understatement to say times have changed in the US over the past 50 years.  Fifty years ago, smoking was the definition of cool. Being skinny wasn’t the ideal, but instead what you tried to avoid. Women were to remain in the home watching the children and cleaning. And drinking on the job, or taking cocaine toothache drops, was totally normal.

 CAMPAIGN ASIA: PC market shrinks in Asia for the first time: IDC

ASIA-PACIFIC – The region, which has been a source of stable growth for PC vendors, shrank by two per cent last year, representing the first time the market has failed to grow in Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan), according to IDC.  “Initiatives such as Ultrabooks and Windows 8 haven’t reinvigorated the PC market as much as the industry had hoped,” said Avinash K. Sundaram, senior analyst for client devices research at IDC.,pc-market-shrinks-in-asia-for-the-first-time-idc.aspx?eid=21&edate=20130121&utm_source=20130121&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=daily_newsletter

MARKETING MAGAZINE: Water brand Volvic runs Facebook search for social brand advocates

LONDON – Volvic is searching for talented photographers via a Facebook competition, which aims to find a team of social media brand advocates and community managers.  The Danone-owned water brand has enlisted bloggers to drum up interest in the competition. Entrants have the chance to win volcano-related “once in a lifetime experiences”.

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Magazines cross the digital divide

USA – Cosmopolitan readers can get their first year’s subscription to the print magazine for $10. But if they want the digital edition on their iPads, they will have to fork over $19.99.  That’s a pricing maneuver so bold it may make even Cosmo readers blush. In the book and newspaper industries, digital versions are typically cheaper than print ones. But some in the magazine world are going the other way, charging more for their digital versions.

Buffeted by declining advertising, which accounted for about 75% of their revenue historically, magazines are turning to tablet computers and digital editions to boost circulation.






Monday 21 January 2013


MASHABLE: Hell freezes over as Rolling Stone finally launches an iPad app

Magazine publisher Wenner Media dismissed the idea of tablet publishing two years ago.  On Thursday, the group finally launched an iPad app for music magazine Rolling Stone.  Although Rolling Stone has been available digitally on Zinio, Kindle and Nook in the past, the iPad launch is significant for a few of reasons. The release marks the first time a native version of Rolling Stone has been available on Newsstand. It also indicates that publisher Wenner Media has mellowed in its approach to the iPad.

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: Sundance 2013: HBO acquires U.S. TV rights to ‘Pussy Riot – A Punk Prayer’

The documentary, which revolves around the titular radical-feminist punk rocker group, premiered at Prospector Square Theatre on 18 January.  Pussy Riot garnered worldwide headlines when members were imprisoned after a satirical performance in Moscow prompted celebrities like Madonna to decry their treatment.

THE GUARDIAN:  Tesco tweets itself into more horsemeat trouble

After battling to limit the fallout from revelations that Tesco had been selling burgers containing horsemeat, the firm’s customer care team committed a small but crucial blunder when @UKTesco finished the day by tweeting: “It’s sleepy time so we’re off to hit the hay! See you at 8am for more.” The resulting storm was quick in coming.

Among those castigating the company was @UKlifeGuide, which tweeted: “Dear @UKTesco, it’s not really funny when you make the horse jokes. The joke is ON you!”

CAMPAIGN LIVE UK: Client confidence up, Bellwether Report says

Marketing budgets rose by just over one per cent during the final quarter of 2012, reflecting a small increase in optimism among clients, according to the latest IPA Bellwether Report.