Monday 28 January, 2013


AD AGE: Feeding the mouth that bites it, General Electric salutes 30 Rock in ads

USA – Over the course of seven seasons, NBC’s “30 Rock” has poked fun at the venerable U.S. conglomerate, GE, satirizing everything from the disposition of its executives to the problem of succession at one of America’s most-influential corporations. And GE, apparently, has loved it. As the show neared its series finale – set to air in a double episode on NBC on Jan. 31 – General Electric saw the moment as one worth seizing. Under a deal secured around the end of 2012, G.E. is running a TV ad saluting the program in its last few weeks and then curating the company’s “favorite moments” online at NBC’s “30 Rock” site through the end of February.

CAMPAIGN UK: McDonald’s runs ad to knock rival Burger King

LONDON – McDonald’s ran press ads on Friday aimed squarely at attacking its rival Burger King, which has been caught up in the horsemeat scandal.  Burger King has been forced to dump thousands of its products, including Whoppers and Angus Burgers, which were sourced from the Irish beef supplier Silvercrest, where horsemeat DNA was found.  The print ad, created by Leo Burnett, ran in the Metro, The Sun, the Mirro and the Daily Star and proclaims that its burgers are “100 per cent beef”.

MEMEBURN: Tencent’s WeChat looking to enter South African market with a bang

Chinese internet giant Tencent is looking to take its massively successful instant messaging service WeChat to South Africa, where it will take on the likes of Mxit, Africa’s largest mobile social network.  WeChat has seen phenomenal growth in recent times. Last week, Tencent revealed that the company has passed the 300-million user mark, with the last 100-million having joined in the past three months. Much of that growth has been outside of China, with the service finding particular favour in other Asian markets.

BUSINESS INSIDER: JJ Abrams IS directing the new ‘Star Wars’, after saying he wouldn’t

The search for a “Star Wars” director is over!  “Star Trek” director J.J. Abrams will also take the reigns on the new “Star Wars” film.  After telling Entertainment Weekly in November he wouldn’t helm the next installment from Disney, The Wrap reports Abrams will indeed take us once again to (another) galaxy far far away.  Abrams also told Empire magazine he turned down the idea.


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