Tuesday, 29 January 2013


CAMPAIGN UK: Diet Coke unveils 30th anniversary ‘hunk’ ad

Agency BETC London has reintroduced the Coke hunk in a 60-second spot called “the gardener”, which uses the Etta James track ‘I Just Want To Make Love To You’ from the famous Diet Coke “hunk” spot from 1996. The ad features a group of female Diet Coke drinkers on a hill. The women spot the “hunk” mowing the grass and one of them rolls a can of the drink towards him as part of a plan to induce him to remove his t-shirt. BETC London was appointed to the £40m ($60.5m) pan-European Diet Coke creative account last August.

OPEN FORUM: How GUESS? turned its business around with iPads

Just two years ago, clothing retailer Guess? had some serious merchandising issues.  Buyers were working off a system where merchandise was represented by a long number, and it was hard to tell the items apart. Then the retailer decided to invest in iPads and saw huge changes. For the first time, executives could easily determine what was selling where and make merchandising decisions based on real-time data.


ADVERTISING AGE: Droga5 is number 5 on Ad Age’s Agency A-List

The indie shop founded and helmed by Australian David Droga, continues to make its mark with some of the most cutting-edge creative in the business, while adding big-name brands to its roster.


MEMEBURN: Social media: why are so many big business leaders still holding back?

We know that social media is seriously important to every business, no matter what the size. The days when companies would block social media access, calling it a productivity killer, are fast disappearing.  It’s easy to believe that studies like the one by research company Millward-Brown, which showed that there was a direct correlation between how successful a company is and how well it uses social media, and the one from eMarketer that suggests that brands can profit dramatically from a well-executed social campaign, are becoming accepted wisdom.



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