Tuesday 5 February, 2013


MEMEBURN: Thirsty? feeling malevolent toward pigs? Grab an Angry Birds soda
If you live in Russia, Australia, New Zealand or Spain, then you can now quench your thirst with a can of Angry Birds soda. The beverage, already a smash hit in Rovio’s native Finland, is also set to launch in the UK over the next few months.


THE GUARDIAN: Deleting abusive tweets swiftly may help avoid prosecution, says DPP
LONDON: Director of public prosecutions Keir Starmer warns too many ‘spontaneous’ Twitter cases coming to court could have ‘chilling effect for free speech’. Deleting abusive tweets quickly may save offenders from being brought before court, the director of public prosecutions has said. He said it was “relevant” for police to consider whether an offending tweet had been swiftly deleted from the site.


FORBES: Fasten your seatbelts: Google’s driverless car is worth trillions
Much of the reporting about Google’s driverless car has mistakenly focused on its science-fiction feel. While the car is certainly cool, the gee-whiz focus suggests that it is just a high-tech dalliance by a couple of brash young multibillionaires, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. In fact, the driverless car has broad implications for society, for the economy and for individual businesses.



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