Wednesday 6 February, 2013

scientology girl
BUSINESS INSIDER: How The Church Of Scientology Got An Ad In The Super Bowl

The Church of Scientology ran an ad in the Super Bowl. Or at least, a lot of people think that’s what  happened.  In fact, Scientology did not have an ad in “the” Super Bowl. Rather,  it bought local TV advertising is several major spot markets – such as New York  and Los Angeles – during breaks saved for regional advertisers and local channel  advertising.  Thus many people in major metro areas believed they had seen a Super Bowl ad  for Scientology when in fact they only saw a much cheaper piece of local TV  advertising.

BRAND REPUBLIC: Publicis to merge Digitas and LBi

Publicis is to merge its digital agencies Digitas and LBi to create a single network called DigitasLBi.  The merger follows the recent completion of Publicis’ £333 million ($505 million) acquisition of LBi after a deal was brokered last September.  Luke Taylor, the chief executive of LBi, has been appointed as the global chief executive of the new network, which will employ 5,700 staff in 25 countries.

MASHABLE: Never eat alone again with the Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl

Now, you can stay easily connected to your beloved iPhone during meals.  The Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl gives new meaning to face time. Designed to keep solo diners entertained, the noodle bowl has a built-in iPhone dock placed on one end so you can comfortably view your device while slurping away. Your phone may be vulnerable to splashes of soup, though, as the design does leave it a little exposed.  The dock’s positioning and sound amplification lets you watch your favorite show with ease or share dinner with a friend on Skype and let him get a good look at your forkful of Sriracha. Just the dinnerware that everyone’s been waiting for.


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