Wednesday 13 February, 2013


BUSINESS INSIDER: Kate Middleton’s ‘Duchess Effect’ is making brands boatloads of money

When Kate Middleton wears a brand, it quickly sells out.  The fashion phenomenon has been dubbed, “The Duchess Effect.”  While Middleton is also a fan of high-fashion favorites like Burberry and Stella McCartney, much of her wardrobe is purchased on the high street.  From Zara to J Brand, see the labels that she’s boosting sales for.

MEMEBURN: Misogyny behind the great firewall: China’s online gamers need to grow up

Last week, Memeburn wrote up a story about a World of Warcraft player who caused a bit of a ruckus online after sleeping with some female guild members “for the alliance.” The news instigated a bit of a discussion about female gamers on Chinese news sites, and many of the comments that arose were pretty disgusting and objectifying. One gamer, for example, said that it was OK to treat females in games as though they were prostitutes.  Unfortunately some Chinese gamers have a tendency to objectify women when Chinese gaming news sites are often quasi-pornographic.

CAMPAIGN UK: Spanish airline Iberia appoints Ogilvy to global creative business

Iberia, the Spanish airline, has appointed the Ogilvy Group as its global creative agency to look after its advertising and direct business, following a six-month pitch process.  Ogilvy Group’s Spanish offices will be responsible for Iberia’s advertising across all markets worldwide, with a special focus in Latin America and Europe.  Iberia previously worked with the WPP agencies Tapsa and Wunderman.  The Spanish-based agencies Publicis, Sra. Rushmore, Ogilvy and Tapsa were all invited to pitch.



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