Monday 18 February, 2013


BUSINESS INSIDER: Marc Jacobs takes his clothes off for Diet Coke

Diet Coke recently hired fashion designer Marc Jacobs as its new creative director.  He replaces Jean Paul Gaultier, who acted as the CD for 2012.  One of Jacobs’ first jobs was to create three new can designs, one for every decade Diet Coke has been around: the ’80s, ’90s and 2000s.  In Jacobs’ first ad, three women come across a photo booth that keeps spitting out pictures of an attractive, shirtless man. What the women don’t initially realize is that the “Diet Coke” hunk is Jacobs.

THE COMMERCIAL OBSERVER: Piece of 30 Rock part of Comcast’s NBCUniversal deal

Comcast will purchase from General Electric the properties used by NBCUniversal at iconic 30 Rockefeller Plaza and CNBC Headquarters as part of its acquisition of GE’s remaining 49 percent equity stake in the media company, it was announced earlier this week.  Though the building is owned by Tishman Speyer, the office and studio space at 30 Rock involved in the deal is owned by GE and is considered a commercial condo. GE will keep space in the building on the 52nd and 53rd floors.  The real estate component of the deal accounts for approximately $1.4 billion ($1.35 billion) of the $16.7 billion ($16.17 billion) transaction and trumps the $1.1 billion ($1.06 billion) sale of the SonyBuilding to the Chetrit Group last month.

 POCKET NOW: Android smartphones suffering from an identity crisis

“Hey, is that the new Galaxy?” No, it’s a Android-powered Galaxy Nexus. “Yeah? I love Droids!” Those are from Verizon, and they’re primarily made my Motorola, this one’s on T-Mobile and made by Samsung. “Oh! So it is a Galaxy!”  Face it, you’re either on the frustrated side of that conversation, or you’re the one doing the frustrating. But it’s not your fault: Android-powered smartphones and tablets are suffering from an identity crisis.!prettyPhoto



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