25 February, 2013


BUSINESS INSIDER: Green Day is buying ad space on Japanese girls’ tattooed thighs.

Green Day is trying to regain a stronghold in cultural relevance with an unconventional marketing campaign: tattooing its new album cover on a Japanese fangirls’ thighs.  Don’t worry, they’re temporary.  The band paired up with Japanese PR company Absolute Territory to promote the Japanese release of its new CD “!Uno!”  The promotion process is simple, the firm has girls above 18 years of age temporarily tattoo certain brand messages on the “absolute territory” between their high knee socks and the hem of their mini skirts. Because what else would they be wearing?http://www.businessinsider.com/green-day-is-buying-ad-space-on-japanese-girls-tattooed-thighs-2013-2

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Nike makes no plans for Pistorius in future ads
Nike Inc said Monday that it has no plans to use Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius in future ad campaigns after the South African sports star was charged with murder in the shooting death of his girlfriend. Nike Inc spokesman KeJuan Wilkins confirmed the shoe company’s plans. He declined to say whether Nike had previously had any plans for Mr. Pistorius. Eyewear maker Oakley Inc also said it suspended its contract with Mr Pistorius.


THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: “Husband” found for Toni Collette

Actor Tate Donovan has been cast to star alongside Toni Collette in a new CBS drama, Hostages. Collette plays a Washington DC surgeon, Ellen Sanders, who is thrown into political conspiracy after being chosen to operate on the president of the United States in the Jerry Bruckheimer drama. Her family is taken hostage and it’s her responsibility to save their lives. Donovan plays her husband, Brian, a former Ivy League athlete who is covering up the fact that his real-estate career is in trouble and he’s falling into debt. He’s keeping up appearances but relying on Ellen to help keep the family afloat. Although he is at first defiant of the hostage-takers, a secret is soon revealed that forces his cooperation. The cast also includes Dylan McDermott.



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