Wednesday, 27 February 2013


ADVERTISING AGE: Dragon Flies Overhead in ‘Game of Thrones’ Print Ad

USA – HBO’s Game of Thrones’ Season 3 premiere is just over a month away — and the show does a spectacular job advertising just how close that is with this two-page ad in Monday’s edition of the New York Times.  The ad makes it look like a dragon is flying overhead, and casting its shadow on the pages — which are full of faux-news stories — and is a replica of the Season 3 poster promoting the return of the series.  It looks so real, you might be tempted to check the skies.

CAMPAIGN ASIA: Why Philips plans to drop ‘Electronics’ from its name

GLOBAL – Dutch company Royal Philips Electronics has announced that it plans to drop the word ‘Electronics’ from its name as it moves away from consumer electronics and focuses more on health, wellness and lighting products.,why-philips-plans-to-drop-electronics-from-its-name.aspx?eid=21&edate=20130226&utm_source=20130226&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=daily_newsletter

MEMEBURN: Who is playing (and paying for) mobile games?

The average gamer is no longer the sunshine-deprived nerd clutching an Xbox
controller and frantically killing whatever was attacking him in his favourite
first person shooter. There’s the smartphone user who spends her spare time
flinging birds at pigs and smashes through 10 levels of Cut the Rope while
waiting for the bus and the Farmville addict who occasionally picks up his or
her iPad to play Words with Friends. The gamers, and the gaming industry, are
changing. Now games can be downloaded whenever, played on the move, and paid for upfront, via subscriptions or funded by advertising or in-app purchases.
It’s a market that is already taking off: tablet gamers spent a reported US$301
million ($294 million) worldwide last year — and that figure is predicted to
hit US$3.03 billion ($2.96 billion) by 2016.


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