Tuesday 14 May, 2013


BBC:  Wallace and Gromit promote British holidays in new ad

Wallace and Gromit have landed a new job convincing the British public to spend their holidays in the UK.  The hapless inventor and his dog, who once holidayed on the moon, star in an advertisement from VisitEngland, backed by the other UK tourist boards.  It shows them at top tourist venues, after an abortive attempt to go abroad by firing themselves from a cannon.  It is part of the government’s “Great Adventure” campaign which aims to boost the tourist industry.  Nick Park, the creator and director of Wallace and Gromit, said: “Leisure time has always been very important to Wallace & Gromit, so it’s great to see them making this holiday choice.  A montage of their holiday postcards shows them Morris dancing in front of Stonehenge, dressed as beefeaters at the Tower of London – and, inevitably, the cheese-loving duo also visit Cheddar Gorge.


HUFFINGTON POST: McDonald’s hails Charles Ramsey and says: “We’ll be in touch”

The discovery of three missing women who police say were held captive in an Ohio home for a decade has put an unexpected spotlight on McDonald’s.  Charles Ramsey, a neighbor who said he heard screaming from the house, noted in an interview with a local TV station that he was eating McDonald’s when the scene unfolded Monday.  He also made note of his meal in a 911 call. Both the interview and the 911 call went viral online. On Tuesday the world’s biggest hamburger company – after praising the courage of the kidnap victims – addressed the matter on Twitter. “Way to go Charles Ramsey – we’ll be in touch.”


ASIA SENTINEL: Instant media’s got Malaysia

Online media exploded during last week’s general election in Malaysia.  Newer platforms like Twitter,   YouTube, Facebook and others are transforming electioneering for both the   opposition and the government.  In a country where virtually all   mainstream media outlets are owned by pro-government political parties, the   rapid growth of social media outlets is not just a social phenomenon but also   a key part of the political process.  According to statistics, there are   two million Twitter users in the country, compared with only 3,000 in 2008,   when the previous election was held. If violence threatens, as it often has,   witnesses record the action, posting it immediately on Facebook, which has 13   million user accounts in Malaysia, and YouTube, where 67 per cent of all   online videos end up.


WALL STREET JOURNAL: Disney’s profits rise 32 per cent

Walt Disney Co. reported a 32 per cent increase in net income for its fiscal second quarter, driven by significant growth at its theme parks, continued strength from the ESPN cable network and newfound stability at its film studio.  The only trouble spots for the media giant, which has seen its stock surge 33 per cent so far this year, were its ABC broadcast network and its long struggling   interactive unit.  Net income for the quarter ended March 30 was $1.51 billion ($1.48 billion), or 83 cents (81 cents) a share, compared with $1.14 billion ($1.11 billion), or 63 cents (61 cents) a share, in the same period a year ago.



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