Wednesday 10 July, 2013


BUSINESS INSIDER: Lone Ranger bombs at US box office, Despicable Me 2 the winner

Originally, analysts pegged the Western to bring in around US$60-$70 million over the course of five days. Johnny Depp’s big-budget film didn’t manage to earn half of that. With $29 million, the film earned slightly less in three days than last year’s big-budget bust “John Carter” ($30.2 million). So it was little surprise Steve Carell and “Despicable Me 2″ rocketed past Disney’s long-delayed and troubled blockbuster. The sequel to Universal’s 2010 film performed better than expected, easily having one of the highest-grossing opening weeks for an animated film. In five days, the despicable minions earned more than 2010′s “Toy Story 3″ in the same time frame.

AD AGE CHINA:  Overworked?  24-year-old Ogilvy China staffer dies after heart attack at desk

A 24-year-old Ogilvy PR employee in Beijing has died after suffering a heart attack while at his desk. Ogilvy China confirmed the young man, Gabriel Li, passed away suddenly, but local media reports that followed – saying his death was caused by overwork – have not been substantiated. According to a Beijing Times newspaper’s account, Mr. Li let out a yell and collapsed while working in the office Monday evening. He was taken to a hospital, where he died. Mr. Li was a junior staffer at the WPP-owned agency, part of a team that serviced a technology client.

BRAND REPUBLIC: UKTV to air interview Wolverine star, Hugh Jackman

Twentieth Century Fox is going to promote the upcoming release of The Wolverine through an interview with Hugh Jackman, interviewed by Dynamo the magician, as part of a campaign on UKTV and Channel Four.

CAMPAIGN ASIA: Est Cola deal with Manchester City in Thailand

Bangkok – Est Cola has inked a sponsorship deal with English football club Manchester City to become its official soft drinks company in Thailand in a move that typifies market-specific sponsorship trends.,est-cola-deal-with-manchester-city-in-thailand-typifies-market-specific-sponsorship-trend.aspx?eid=21&edate=20130705&utm_source=20130705&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=daily_newsletter


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