Thursday, 25 July, 2013


CAMPAIGN LONDON: Warburtons, Coca-Cola and Ryanair among brands making most of royal arrival

Ryanair has used the news about the royal baby to temporarily rebrand as ‘Ryanheir’, while a Warburtons ad announces, “One’s bun is done”.  The Sun and The Times used their own publications to welcome yesterday’s arrival with ads congratulating the royal couple. The Sun ad is also running across JCDecaux’s Transvision screens in rail stations. Expanding Leo Burnett’s “share a Coke” campaign for Coca-Cola, the soft drinks brand suggests people share a Coke with “Wills” and “Kate”. The ad was created in-house with media buying by MediaCom.

AD WEEK ASIA: Unilever shampoo gives you hair so strong you can make violin bows out of it. No, really, they did it in Manila.

When you hear the words human hair orchestra, don’t you just imagine Hannibal Lecter conducting? Not so for this Unilever-sponsored stunt in the Philippines from JWT Singapore and JWT Manila. To show the strengthening effect of its Cream Silk hair-care line, the marketer enlisted a custom bow-maker and used human hair washed with the products instead of the usual horsehair to string four violin bows. An all-female quartet then used them to play 40 songs over four hours in a busy Manila mall.

AD AGE: Small businesses shirk advertising

While at Iams, Petbrosia founder Keith Johnson wielded a big media budget, as brand manager with world’s biggest advertiser Procter & Gamble Co. Now, he spends next to nothing on paid ads for custom pet-food business, Petbrosia. Like many small businesses today, Petbrosia spends very little on traditional advertising because it doesn’t have to. Given the array of low- or no-cost digital marketing and promotional options, small companies are spending less not just by necessity, but by choice.


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