Tuesday, 10 September, 2013


SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST: Facebook to spur more digital advertising in Hong Kong

With HK firmly under its sway, Facebook aims to build on its success in the tech savvy city with targeted pitches, especially on mobile devices.  Facebook, which has more than 1 million active advertisers worldwide, aims to step up development of online and mobile marketing campaigns in Hong Kong, where it estimates more than 60 per cent of the population access the social network each month.  Jayne Leung Yau-mui, pictured, the director for North Asia at Facebook, said: “We see a lot of opportunities to work with advertisers in Hong Kong. Mobile is a big trend.”  That optimism stems from Facebook’s strong market penetration in the city, which made it the biggest social network used in Hong Kong. Its internal estimates show about 4.3 million active monthly users as of June 30, of which about 3.5 million accessed the social network on their smartphones and media tablets.


WALL STREET JOURNAL: Japan stocks already chasing Olympic gold

TOKYO – For financial markets, 2020 is a long time from now, but the awarding of the Olympic Games is expected to give an immediate boost to Japan’s stock market.  Aside from the extra economic boost for Japan’s capital and the benefits for the construction and property sectors, traders say there is a broader, psychological impact for an economy starting to show signs of traction.

The Tokyo organizers say they plan to build 22 of 37 venues for US$3.11 billion – including a new 80,000 seat national stadium. A waterfront Olympic Village will cost $956 million.  “Looking at past examples individual shares that will benefit from the Olympics such as construction, real estate, advertising agencies, hotels, security services will likely rise in the next three months on the back of the Olympics,” Nomura Securities chief strategist Hiromichi Tamura said.


AD AGE: Meet the 71-year-old ad agency intern

DALLAS – In a business that’s obsessed with hiring the hottest young talent boasting digital experience, most shops would probably balk. But 71-year-old Doug McKinlay – an ad professor at Brigham Young University and former agency owner – convinced The Richards Group in Dallas to take him on for a summer internship.  “The industry is moving at Mach One, and academia isn’t moving nearly that fast,” Mr. McKinlay said, comparing the pace of changes to advertising curriculum to “the speed of a receding glacier.”

“The only way for me to find out whether we were doing the best job at training our students wasn’t more research – it was about going to an agency,” he said.


BRAND REPUBLIC: Cast of Toy Story star in Sky broadband ad

LONDON – Sky has roped in the cast of Disney-Pixar’s ‘Toy Story’ for a TV ad promoting the broadcaster’s broadband service.  The 50-second animated spot features the cast from the ‘Toy Story’ films, including Woody and Buzz Lightyear, the latter character voiced by Tim Allen.  In the ad, the toys are all using the internet when the router blows up after being overloaded. The characters panic until the ‘Toy Story’ aliens point up and murmur the answer their problems – Sky.  The new ad, which was created by Disney-Pixar in collaboration with WCRS and Sky, also coincides with a new ‘Toy Story’ TV special, which airs in the UK and Ireland on Sky Movies Disney in October. The ad airs today across Sky and terrestrial channels, and will be backed by print and outdoor executions.



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