Monday, 16 September, 2013


 AD WEEK: Meet Japan’s most popular ad family

The father is a human in a dog’s body (for reasons “you’re too young to understand,” he once barked at his daughter), the son is a black American, and their maid is an alien incarnation of Tommy Lee Jones. They are “The White Family,” a staple of telecom Softbank’s marketing, and they have become the most popular recurring commercial characters in Japan for six years. The family is made up of a father (Otosan), a son (Kojiro), a mom (Masako) and a daughter (Aya). The sprawling series of more than 130 spots, credited with vaulting SoftBank from industry newcomer to one of Japan’s top mobile providers, have even featured cameos from Quentin Tarantino, Tommy Lee Jones and a real Japanese astronaut filming his appearances in space.

ABC News: Twitter flies from obscurity to the height of fame

When Twitter started seven years ago as an obscure medium it was dismissed by critics. But it quickly matured into a worldwide messaging service used by everyone from heads of state to revolutionaries to companies trying to hawk products.  Now, Twitter is taking the next critical step in its evolution – selling stock to the public. It promises to be one of the most hyped and scrutinized initial public offerings since Facebook’s Wall Street debut in May 2012. To be successful, the company will need to become an advertising behemoth and prove that the same service that has already helped change the course of history can also make money. Twitter quietly slipped out news of its plan to go public in a tweet on Thursday afternoon.

CAMPAIGN: Samsung bests Apple in iPhone launch week

LONDON – Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 has bested last week’s launch of the iPhone 5S and 5C devices, the former ranking seven places above the latter, according to video-sharing figures from Unruly.  The Samsung ad, created in-house, was the third most-shared ad last week with 231,000 shares across Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere.  Meanwhile, Apple’s ad promoting the features of its newly-launched iPhone 5S, also created in-house, was shared just 25,500 times and placed last in the chart.  The ad features Apple’s chief designer, Sir Jonathon Ive, talking about the device’s fingerprint security functionality.  Sharing of the two smartphone ads supports recent research suggesting Apple’s ads are underperforming against its competitors in the viral video space.

 BUSINESS DAY LIVE: GOtv goes big across Africa

GOtv, MultiChoice’s nascent digital terrestrial television (DTT) service, has proven popular with viewers across Africa, bagging thousands of subscribers just two years after it first launched in Zambia.  “The service has managed to attract more than 400,000 paying subscribers to date and is growing at a rapid pace,” said Nico Meyer, CEO of MultiChoice Africa. “It is still early days and we believe this will pick up as we expand our network in existing countries and launch in new markets.”  The service provides options to viewers hungry for more content but who are put off by the cost of satellite dishes and installation.


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