Monday, 28 October, 2013


AD WEEK: Halloween “Vines” are everywhere…

Advertising is under attack by Vine videos, which are wrapping around Twitter streams, TV sets – and now billboards, thanks to fabric care product, Tide. The Procter & Gamble brand rolled out Halloween-themed Vine spots as digital out-of-home ads in 11 markets; they run through Oct. 31.  The outdoor play is the first of its kind involving Vine’s six-second videos, building on the groundbreaking Dunkin’ Donuts campaign that debuted last month.

THE TELEGRAPH: Amazon to double its UK work force and doesn’t rule out selling groceries

LONDON – In an interview, Christopher North, MD of Amazon UK, told The Telegraph that the current 6,000 full-time staff, which generate £4bn ($6.73bn) of UK sales, could double within just three years.  It is 15 years this month that Amazon arrived in the UK by buying Bookpages, kick-starting an online revolution that has changed how British families shop forever.  Amazon has gone from selling just books in 1998 to more than 100m distinct products. Today, 40pc of products sold on Amazon are by third-party sellers on the company’s Marketplace service.  In the US, Amazon has also expanded its grocery service AmazonFresh from Seattle to Los Angeles. So could Amazon now roll out its grocery service to the UK? North insists Amazon has “not announced any plans”, but adds: “We have made our first step to another city. I wouldn’t want to speculate on what we are going to do next”.

CAMPAIGN LIVE: Virgin Media Business seeks ad agency

Virgin Media’s business arm is looking at appointing its first through-the-line agency.  Virgin Media Business, which provides telecoms services to companies, is working with The Observatory, but a spokeswoman for Virgin Media Business said the company was still looking at the benefits of appointing a lead agency and that no pitch was underway.  If the pitch goes ahead, it would mark the first time that Virgin Media Business has sought a lead through-the-line agency, although the company has worked with shops on a project basis in the past.


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