Monday, 25 November, 2013


BRAND REPUBLIC: Radio Times Dalek voted Cover of the Century

The Radio Times 2005 cover featuring a Dalek from ‘Doctor Who’ has been chosen as the best magazine cover of the last century by The Professional Publishers Association, after a nine-month online vote.


BUSINESS INSIDER: Advertisers on Twitter can now target promoted tweets to fans of any TV show

Twitter launched a new tool that lets any advertiser target users who are posting about specific TV shows.  Twitter is often used in-tandem with TV viewing, and the company has been aggressive in its attempts to monetise that type of activity. Twitter calls this new ad product “TV conversation targeting,” and it is an expansion of an earlier ad product that allowed brands to extend their TV ad spots to Twitter by targeting users who Twitter determined had been exposed to their TV ads. Now, any advertiser can target show audiences.

CAMPAIGN ASIA: VML and Y&R revamp network structure, focus on shopper marketing in 2014

ASIA PACIFIC – Y&R has appointed Camellia Tan as director of network development for VML Asia, while Liz Kim will take over Tan’s job as director of network development for Y&R Advertising Asia in a move to leverage synergies between the two units for regional and global network expansion.,VML+and+YR+revamp+network+structure+focus+on+shopper+marketing+in+2014.aspx


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