Thursday, 6 March, 2014


AD AGE:  Two brands feature in one ad – M&M’s and Geico Insurance’s characters co-star

USA – The Geico gecko will star in an ad with M&M’s spokescandy, Ms Brown. The insurance marketer last year featured the Pillsbury Doughboy in an ad and is now partnering with candy maker Mars for a new TV spot.  This latest interbrand mash-up was the brainchild of M&M’s and the brand’s agency, BBDO, New York. But the ad was crafted to benefit both brands.  The Martin Agency holds the Geico account.


PR WEEK: Radio station devoted to dog owners

UK – Hound Waves Radio is a nice headline-grabber for Bayer Animal Health’s Be Lungworm Aware campaign, which warns dog owners of the risks of the lungworm parasite. While the FM radio station is only a one-day flash in the pan, the fact that its specially produced content will live on online as podcasts illustrates how the sector is making greater use of digital.  Other drug companies are also innovating despite challenges presented by regulations around the promotion of drugs.

AD WEEK: The top 3 social messaging apps among smartphone users and who is using WhatsApp?

USA – Facebook paid a staggering $19 billion for WhatsApp. While it trails Facebook as a messaging app in the United States, WhatsApp dwarfs Facebook in terms of monthly active users.


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