Wednesday, 19 November, 2014


CHINA DAILY/ASIA NEWS NETWORK: Social network in Russia eyes China

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to China this month has ignited interest among Russian tech companies to invest in the world’s second-largest economy. The most-used social networking website in Russian-speaking countries – VKontakte – announced on Tuesday it is entering China by opening a marketing branch in Beijing. Russia’s answer to Facebook has its eye on bringing Chinese advertisers to its platform instead of attracting individual users. Top executives at VK, which means “get in touch”, said that the growing ambitions of Chinese enterprises to go global have provided a golden advertising opportunity for emerging social network platforms. VK, based in St Petersburg, has about 250 million accounts and 4 billion daily page views. Nearly 70 per cent of the users are in Russia, with the rest from other countries such as Ukraine where Russian is spoken.

BUSINESS INSIDER: Advertising is set to fund New York City’s the world’s fastest municipal WiFi network.

New York City’s aging payphone boxes will be replaced with internet hubs. The hubs, called “Links,” will also serve as digital displays for ads and are expected to generate more than $500 million in revenue for the city over the next 12 years.

AD AGE: Super Bowl XLIX Ad Chart: Who’s Buying What in Super Bowl 2015

NBC is still selling ad time in Super Bowl XLIX, which will air Feb. 1, 2015. Advertising Age is publishing a rolling blog with updates on which brands are buying what during Super Bowl 2015. Expected advertisers include Anheuser-Busch Inbev, Doritos, Loctite, McDonald’s, Mercedes-Benz, Mophie, Skittles, Toyoya and The soft TV ad market this year is extending even to Super Bowl XLIX, where NBC said in November ad sales were moving along slightly more slowly than in prior years. Automakers, too, aren’t crowding the field as much as they have lately, without as many new models that the game is well-timed to promote. Still, there will be about a dozen new advertisers in the 2015 game, especially in digital commerce and technology, said Seth Winter, exec VP-sales and sales marketing, NBC Sports Group and NBC Universal News Group.

B&T: Unlimited ‘Interstellar’ ticket offer is just brilliant marketing

Whether anyone actually pays $34.99 to see Interstellar as many times as they want to, in any format, is immaterial. The brilliant stroke of movie publicity behind that offer has already done its job. The movie has already taken more than $300 million worldwide but the marketing team behind it isn’t stopping there. AMC Theatres and Paramount Pictures in the US announced the unlimited ticket on Monday — and even if nobody buys one, the nation’s second-largest theatre chain and the Interstellar distributor will still be patting each other on the back. That’s because a promotion like this isn’t a ploy to sell unlimited tickets to see Interstellar. It’s a ploy to sell more regular, one-off tickets to see Interstellar. For that reason alone, it’s really smart.


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